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Arcana creates audio that breaks through. 

It takes knowledge and skill to create a podcast that stands out.


Founded by two producers with deep experience in the podcasting industry, Arcana Audio features a talented team that believes great audio is both an art and a science.

We work with our clients to navigate the increasingly complex audio landscape, nurture new ideas, and produce audio that connects with its audience.


 What We Do 



New Show Development

Staffing and Recruitment

Content and Slate Strategy

Host Selection

Creative Direction


Podcasting Best Practices for Brands

Virtual & In-Person Workshops

Intro to Audio Storytelling for Content Creators

Podcast Production

Executive Production & Showrunning
Production Coordination

Show/Concept Development

Story Editing
Host Coaching


Series Production

Trailers & Promotional Assets

Pre/Mid/Postroll Advertisements

  Partner with platforms, media outlets, and production houses to develop and execute shows that combine our technical expertise with outstanding editorial content. 

▻  Help creators navigate the industry’s complex production, business, and finance worlds.

▻  Advise brands ready to explore the role audio can play in their content strategy.

▻  Lead custom trainings for organizations that want to level up their in-house production capabilities


Our Team


Frances Harlow, Co-Founder

A deft Executive Producer with over a decade of experience in all forms of audio storytelling, Frances launched Arcana Audio after four years of leading her own podcast studio and consultancy, Harlow & Co. As principal, she oversaw the development and launch of productions in partnership with clients ranging from tech start-ups to legacy publishers. 


Prior to this, Frances was Gimlet Media’s Deputy Creative Director, where she guided and grew the team that pioneered the network's branded podcasts, including Open for Business, DTR, and the James Beard Award nominated  Why We Eat What We Eat. (Her biggest accomplishment, however, was recruiting Abbie to join her.) Frances began her career in public radio, first at WGBH News in Boston, and later at NPR’s Emmy-winning podcast Planet Money

Frances attributes her love of audio to long drives as a kid spent listening to Maine Public Radio in her dad’s pick-up truck. She now lives in Stockholm, Sweden. Learn more about her experience here.


Abbie Ruzicka, Co-Founder

Abbie is an Executive Producer with close to 15 years of experience in podcast and radio production. She has developed and produced dozens of shows over the course of her career for Spotify, Gimlet Media, NPR, WGBH, Nike, Adobe, Gatorade, and more.


Most recently she was an Executive Producer at Spotify, where she led a new show development team for Gimlet. Her launches include Gimlet’s Not Past It, Spotify’s morning show The Get Up, the 2020 Archewell Audio Holiday Special, and Archetypes with Meghan, among others. She also helped Spotify develop and hone their production strategy for their podcasting division. 


Prior to this, she led production for Gimlet Creative, an award-winning custom creative agency, where she worked with Fortune 500 companies to develop new podcasts and audio ad campaigns.

She started her career in public radio, working at WGBH and later at WBUR producing live, daily news shows. Her first job was a call-screener for the NPR show Car Talk. She lives in Boston with her partner and her dog Moose.


Learn more about her experience here.

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